The Wildling Museum welcomes your contributions

Support the Wildling Museum by making a donation,  join our Wildling family as a membervolunteer your time, or collaborate on a program.  If you care about art and nature and feel that the Wildling enhances our Santa Barbara County community, we hope you get more involved now!  There’s never been a more exciting time to join the Wildling family!

About Program Collaborations

If your work aligns with our mission to inspire our community and visitors to enjoy, value, and conserve wildlife and natural areas through art, consider a collaboration. We have four different types of collaborative programs that include the featured artist program, the artist talks program, art workshops in the Barbara Goodall education center, and local artists work for sale in the store. If you would like to participate, please take a look at the applications below.

If you have any technical issues with the online applications, we would be happy to provide you with an email PDF, or you can pick up a paper copy at the Museum. Please contact or 805.686.8315 for assistance.

Overview of the application process:

First, we will notify you if we think it’s a good fit. Once we have received your completed application, the appropriate museum staff will review your information. Depending on the volume of applications we are processing, it could take several weeks to hear back from us. Please keep in mind that we schedule our exhibits years in advance and programming months in advance, so please plan accordingly.

Secondly, we will set up an appointment. If your application is a fit with the museum, we will set schedule a date to discuss the details so the staff person you need to speak with will be available. We love the community of artists, volunteers, and instructors who collaborate with us and it is important to us that each receive the appropriate attention.

Finally, we will complete any necessary forms and agreements. Each opportunity at the Museum has a unique set of forms and agreements that are specific to each case. You can expect to work with the Museum staff during this process and receive assistance as needed.