Volunteer Notes

Upcoming Special Events

  1. Family Craft: Jan. 26th, Feb. 9th, & March 16th, 11 AM - 1 PM - Donna and Cindy

  2. Set Booth about the Wildling at The STEM and the Arts Night is scheduled for Thursday Jan. 31st this year and takes place from 5:30-7:30 at Solvang School. Stacey & …

  3. February 2nd Ray Strong Opening 3-5pm

    1. Postcard Distribution:

    2. Food Prep:

    3. Photos: Susie & …

    4. Bar-tending:

    5. Food-tending:

    6. Name tags / front desk: Susie & …

    7. Dishes / Clean up:

  4. March 29th Permanent Collection Opening

    1. Postcard Distribution:

    2. Food Prep:

    3. Photos:

    4. Bar-tending:

    5. Food-tending:

    6. Name tags / front desk:

    7. Dishes / Clean up:

December 2018 - No Volunteer Meeting

November 2018 - Meeting Notes

  1. Welcoming Julie Mock, our new Museum Store, and Office Assistant! Julie is working at the Wildling part time 4 days a week, Thursday-Sunday. She will be coordinating docent shift in the museum store. We are all very grateful she is here and looking forward to getting better acquainted.

  2. Docent Information on our New Exhibit, Folded Art: Origami Animals by Robert Salazar. I attended Roberts presentation as the SBMM in Santa Barbara last week and will go over some of the key things he mentioned along with his artist statement. 

    1. Click here to read information on Robert Salazar

  3. Forming an Events Committee plan for 2019. The events committee, specifically for the Spring BBQ, needs people who are interested in taking on one of the following roles:

    1. Logistics - Stacey

    2. Event Planner - Mitra

    3. Corporate Relations and Sponsorship -

    4. Volunteer Coordinator - Susie

    5. Media/Public Relations -

    6. Procurement -

    7. Guest Experience/VIP Committee - Bonnie (?)

    8. Entertainment/Program -

  4. Open Question and Comment/Feedback session. If there are any comments or suggestion that you have, this is a great time to discuss it. The last scheduled volunteer meeting in 2018 is Dec. 18th.   

    Meeting recording: