Acorn to Oak Tree, K-2 Grade Valley Oak Curriculum

Sponsored by the Goodall Family Charitable Foundation


  • Explore oak trees, including the Valley Oak.

  • Recognize that there are many different types of oak trees.

  • Identify an oak tree by its leaves, bark and acorns.

  • Recognize the acorn as the seed of an oak.

  • Understand the life cycle of an oak tree.

California State Standards:

Kindergarten Standards:

  • Physical Sciences 1:a

  • Life Sciences 2:a-c

  • Investigation and Experimentation 4:d-e

Grade 1 Standards:

  • Life Sciences 2:a,b,c, and e

  • Investigation and Experimentation 4:a,b,d,e

Grade 2 Standards:

  • Physical Sciences 1:e

  • Life Sciences 2:a-f

  • Investigation and Experimentation 4:a-d,f,g