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Everett Ruess: Into The Wilderness

As part of our celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the Wildling featured its collection of artworks by Everett Ruess (1914 – 1934?). Everett was raised in Los Angeles and was taught how to make linoleum block prints by his mother, Stella. At a young age he felt a strong calling to be in and explore the wild. He spent the last four years of his brief life exploring wilderness areas along the California coast, in Yosemite and the deserts and canyons of northern Arizona and southern Utah.

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America's Wilderness in Art: A Growing Collection

Museums form their collections both by design and by accident. They should all have a Collections Plan, so that they can purchase works, as they become available, that relate to their mission and complement their collection. Most, however, are the happy recipients of unexpected gifts. As a fledgling museum, the Wildling Art Museum is still developing its Collections Plan and raising funds necessary to realize its objectiv es. For some years, the Museum was able to put aside 5 percent of every $1000 donated for general operating support into an Acquisitions Fund. We have purchased a few works using those funds, but many desirable art works are being sold at prices beyond our means.

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