Private Collections of the Santa Barbara Region

Ray Strong, Lake Casitas

Ray Strong, Lake Casitas

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February 24, 2017 through May 29, 2017

The Wildling Museum of Art & Nature presented its newest exhibition Private Collections of the Santa Barbara Region, comprised of artworks borrowed from the private collections of its members. Visitors were able to experience artworks that were not on public display, and they will got an inside look into how and why collectors choose their pieces.

Responding to the Wildling's call for artworks, members opened their doors to Executive Director Stacey Otte-Demangate for a look inside their private collections. While differing in style, medium, and size, the unifying thread that ran through the various artworks were images of the Santa Barbara region. From Lake Casitas to Hearst Castle, the Santa Barbara region is home to some of the most picturesque natural areas in California. It is no wonder the familiar sights of rolling hills, vineyards, coastlines, and historic missions are a favorite subject for artists' creations and collectors' walls.

As you explored the exhibition, you got an inside look into why an artwork was chosen or how it was acquired by the collector. It also gave you insight from the artist - perhaps why they created it or their inspiration. A sampling of artists included in the exhibit are John Iwerks, David DeMatteo, Phoebe Brunner, Annie Yakutis, Marcia Burtt, Richard Schloss, Dewitt Parshall, Lockwood de Forest, Nicole Strasburg, and Ray Strong.