Nature Imagined


July 20, 2018 – January 21, 2019

Nature Imagined was a special exhibition that celebrated nature through the vivid imaginations of Cheryl MedowEllen Jewett, and Hilary Brace. Inspired by nature, these artists use diverse materials and methods to create environments that engage the imagination. The viewer was invited to look into the details of their artwork and explore the unique weaving of image, texture, and pattern that resembles nature and yet is unlike anything in the natural world.

Thank you to our generous exhibition sponsors:

The Towbes Foundation | Tierra Alta

Donors to the Patti Jacquemain Exhibition Fund

About the Artists

Cheryl Medow

Cheryl Medow

Photographer Cheryl Medow uses composite digital photography to create intriguing images of birds that make the viewer take a second and a third look to digest the full scene. Some are humorous, others majestic, all fascinating.

Ellen Jewett lives in British Columbia and loaned a piece to our recent Animals A to Z exhibition (thanks to supporter Suzanne Mellichamp, it is now in our permanent collection!). After seeing everyone’s fascination with her detailed, delicate sculptures we knew we needed to show more of her work. She will be loaning eight pieces to Nature Imagined.  Each piece is its own habitat of plant, animal and insect species.  The more you look, the more you see.


Hilary Brace of Santa Barbara uses charcoal, graphite and digital mediums to create monochrome, dramatic and imagined landscapes. “Clouds, rocks and water often seem in the process of becoming the other. The artist invites the viewer to surrender to the logic and beauty of these other worlds, while reminding us of the instability and fragility of our own.” Hilary recently has started to translate her brooding landscapes into large tapestries that are painstakingly woven by a specialty textile plant in the Netherlands.