Nature Abstracted Workshop

Goleta Bypass by Cynthia Martin

Goleta Bypass by Cynthia Martin

  • Date: Saturday, January 5th, 2019

  • Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

  • Tuition: $65 + $10 material fee

  • Registration by Dec. 15th, Max of 12 Students

“Nature Abstracted,” a three-hour workshop for adults (teens are also welcome), will start from a photograph of a place in the natural world which the student has brought or chosen. Painting an abstract version of a picture you have taken in a natural setting where you have been, such as a lake in the Sierra, the Grand Canyon, an Alaska glacier, or the view of the hills from your backyard, can be more meaningful. After a few warm-up exercises and descriptions of different styles of abstract art, students will paint an acrylic abstraction of this photo on canvas. 

A warm-up exercise, an adaptation of Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Artist Within, along with examples of paintings by several abstract artists–including those of the present Abstract Art Collective exhibition, will show that there are universal yet varied ways artists use elements, such as line, value, and color, to express a thought or emotion. 

The influence of a variety of art movements, such as the more intellectual school of Cubism as opposed to the more emotive Fauvism and Abstract Expressionism, has a direct connection to the work of living artists today, and some of that influence will be seen on the walls of the Museum.

The teacher will demonstrate techniques, such as underpainting, use of brushes, and color mixing.  Students will be provided with “pallets” and given a choice of acrylic paints, including metallic and glitter paints.  They will also be offered various canvas sizes and formats as well as brushes.

To register, use the online form, stop by the Wildling, or call 805-686-8315. The class will be canceled if less than 8 students sign up. Refunds are not available for cancellations after the registration deadline of December 15th. 

About the Artist

The instructor, Cynthia Martin, a Santa Barbara award-winning artist and educator, has been included in many solo and group exhibitions in California. She is a member of the Santa Barbara County Arts Committee (CAPP), as well as the Santa Barbara Studio Artists and the Abstract Art Collective.