Mother’s Day Natural Perfume-Making Workshop

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On May 11, 2019 this class was to design an artisanal fragrance with your mom, for your mom, or simply pay homage to Mother Earth. This natural perfume-making workshop awakened the sensorial creativity and stimulated olfactory memory. Our olfactory system, or sense of smell, is linked to memories. Participants created your very own liquid-based fragrance from a carefully curated selection of essential oils, while creating a lasting memory that could be relived every time you or your mother dons the perfume.

“A remembered smell spills into consciousness baskets full of … memories and the feelings entwined with them, permeating the emotional aura of the memories with a richness that is both exquisite and vague.” from Essence and Alchemy, by Mandy Aftel

Register for this workshop online, stop in at the Wildling Museum store, or call 805-686-8315. Questions about the class? E-mail Susan at

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About the instructor

Susan is the founder and creator Sol Aromatics, a collection of perfume and aromatherapy products and services to inspire positive mind, body and feeling states supporting the spiral of life (SOL). She is a certified aromatherapist and licensed psychotherapist. Susan began her formal studies in natural perfume making seven years ago with master perfumers Mandy Aftel, Sarah Horowitz and Shelley Waddington after a lifelong passion which began when she received a perfume-making kit as a young girl.