Kids workshop with Jill Littlewood and Pamela Zwehl-Burke

Sunday, June 3rd

Artists Jill Littlewood and Pamela Zwehl-Burke lead a workshop for kids ages six and up. The class started with a guided tour the River’s Journey art exhibition and a group conversation about how important water is in their lives. After the gallery tour, the kids created accordion-fold artists' book and filled it with drawings, words, collaged images, painted images, inspired by their conversation about water in the Wildling's Barbara Goodall Resource Center. The class was free, and the materials were supplied.


Image above features three paintings by Pamela Zwehl-Burke that were on display in the River’s Journey art exhibition.

About the instructors:


Jill Littlewood makes her thoughts visible in her art.

What she is thinking about, like her confidence, hesitation, curiosity, fear, shows in her work.

Jill is an accomplished calligrapher and a scientific illustrator. Her skills expanded to making paper after she met papermakers at a meeting of The Friends of Dard Hunter, and felt drawn to their world.

Paper can be so many things, like books, sculptures, stage sets, lighting, paintings, costumes, and ground for prints.


Pamela Zwehl-Burke makes images as part of learning and reflecting on the world.

She taught Drawing, Figure Drawing, 2-D Design and Printmaking for many years at Santa Barbara City College and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and enjoys seeing students become curious about how pictures work.

After all, seeing is not necessarily looking (more rewarding and more active) and replicating is not what art making is about.