Exploring Color with Cynthia DeVine

September 9th at 1 p.m.


Explore how color shapes our lives.  Color is a critical component of all forms of art but is also a part of our everyday life.  Color can induce emotions, call up memories and influence us in ways of which we’re not even aware.  Cynthia will share history of the development of color theory and help each workshop participant better understand their own relationship to color in their own lives. The workshop will culminate in a mandala coloring activity. All supplies will be included and each participant will be able to take home a set of brush markers.

Cynthia DeVine is an artist and art teacher, with years of experience teaching both children and adults at schools and workshops throughout Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara. She is focusing now on teaching workshops and writing a book on the effect color has on our lives.