The River's Journey

Gallery Photo from River's Journey

Gallery Photo from River's Journey

February 17, 2018 – July 8, 2018

Artwork by the Rose Compass artists, a group of 6 local women who explored the impact of the Santa Ynez River. The talented artists who call themselves the Rose-Compass are: Nicole Strasburg, Holli Harmon, Connie Connally, Pamela Zwehl-Burke, Libby Smith and Nina Warner. They each have their distinct creative points of view but the medium of gouache and the watershed united them. They were painting and exploring for several months and routinely posting blogs about their adventures and musings.

"The perfect voice of an important social conscience!"

"A very accomplished, informative, and enjoyable show."

"This exhibition makes me fall in love with the place I call home. Thank you to all the artists!"

"What a spectacular show! A big concept, beautifully executed. I'm so glad to have seen it."

"What a wonderful community of works. So cohesive and beautifully expressed!"

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