Artist Talk: The Healing Wisdom of Nature

This talk was held on Sunday, August 26th 3 pm – 4 pm

In this presentation, Dr. Chalquist will discusses how nature contact heals us on many levels, and how ancient myths and folktales contain examples of this wisdom of the natural world. He is currently the Associate Provost, Pacifica Graduate Institute and some of his recent publications include:

  • Myths Among Us: When Timeless Tales Return to Life

  • Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind (with Linda Buzzell)

  • Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled

  • View more publications

“Craig Chalquist is an extraordinary thinker and writer, helping us address the many issues of our time, whether your interests involve current events, depth psychology, mythology, storytelling, or our deep embeddedness in nature. His writing offers urgently needed new perspectives that point the way forward.” – Larry Saltzman, permaculture designer and instructor

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