The selected photographers beautifully captured many unexpected facet of Nature's Patterns! The Wildling congratulates Stuart Wilson for "Gills," the First Place winner of the 2015 Nature Photography Competition. Congratulations also go to Second Place winner Vikki Hunt for "Detail of Cardon Cactus" and Third Place winner Geralyn Souza for "Marbled Water with Snowy Egret."   Also: Robert L. Houchens, John D. Scherrer, and Judy Villa who received honorable mentions for their photographs.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

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First Place: Stuart Wilson – “Gills”

Second Place: Vikki Hunt “Detail of Cardon Cactus”

Third Place: Geralyn Souza “Marbled Water with Snowy Egret”

Honorable Mentions:

Robert L. Houchens – “Bark on a redwood, Figueroa Mountain”

John D. Scherrer – “Cactus Choir”

July Villa – “Blue Jay’s Offering”


Frederick Allen – “Butterfly”

Christopher L Brown – “Alien Roots”

Terryl Bunn – “Spider's Art”

Jason Feldstein – “Crackin' Up”

Vikki Hunt – “Beautiful Imperfections” and “Kelp Dreams”

Teresa McNeil MacLean – “Vanishing Point, Gaviota”

Julie Rainak – “Wave”

Howard Ramsden – “Ripples”

Ines Labunski Roberts, FRPS – “Floral Design,” “Palmtree Flowers,” “Wave Pattern in Rocks” and “Texture in Dunes”

John D. Scherrer – “Nature Sculpting” and “Spring Maple”

Chris Seaton – “Cliff Reflections” and “Wild Seaweed”

Barbara Siegel – “Calm”

Lisa Thompson – “Watergrass”

July Villa – “Sunflower”